careful the first step’s a doozy

Sidewalk deconstruction commenced at the North West and East corner of Banff Dr. & Devins Dr. Tuesday September 3rd at 8:30AM. Work wrapped shortly after 9:00AM.

Leaving aside the fact that Tuesdays are the weekly scheduled garbage & recycling pick-up day for this neighborhood, what would posses someone to schedule this kind of work to coincide with the arrival time for the first day back to school?

To say the scene of Garbage & Recycling trucks, school buses, and SUVs was chaotic is an understatement.

I suspected that the crew that ripped out the old concrete was a couple hours in front of the crew looking to pour in the new concrete but I was sadly mistaken.

The sidewalk wasn’t reconstructed until sometime around noon Friday leaving the concrete was still wet at the time of dismissal.

There is no sidewalk on the SW corner, here is a shot of the NE corner:

All pedestrian traffic converges at the NW corner, seen here:

For a whole 4 days children walking to school were forced into the intersection sharing it with traffic leaving everyone to ponder exactly at what point does Public Works trump Traffic Safety?

This is an intersection that both council and staff have acknowledged has safety issues as I commented on in these previous posts:

and here:

I suppose we chalk this up as another example of the many silos operating at town hall.

The ones that are obviously crucial to the efforts of sustainability and innovation in the strategic plan.


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