Last week we learned that Newmarket council decided, in closed session, to bail out the Newmarket Soccer club to the tune of $2.8 million dollars.
Details are available in this Error banner piece here:

A $2.8 Million dollar bail-out is extravagant, and no surprise has several in that community trying to make sense of it. I find the push to censor social media outlets even more despicable.

Another Banner piece attempts to weigh the pros and cons of the closed door deal here:

If, and it is entirely possible, that council is left holding the ball on this controversial play they may net some cash having payed out only $2.8 million for a
$3.5 million facility.

So the only way that this isn’t a bail-out is if the full intent is to acquire it.
Given that the town already budgets and provides leisure services through set out policies in an open and transparent fashion with public input how is it that bailing out this group makes more sense to the town then say purchasing the most expensive soccer ball in the world?

Which by the was is cheaper:

Here in Aurora Clr. Gallo has raised the sport of soccer into a less expensive but equally farcical controversy by fighting to save a small, and rather mediocre pitch in his backyard.

Gallo however is spending all his energy, not unlike most European players in the sport that fake injuries, by creating a spectacle.

The same councilor that had effectively placed a stop work order on another park has written a letter to the Auroran this week stating the project is "wrong on so many levels".

He’s opposed to spending $180,000 to complete the revitalization of the existing space. And he’s opposed to the removal of, or reduction of the existing soccer pitch, which by the way is not regulation size and offers little in the town’s complement of soccer pitches.

The town plans to update civic park, complete with a tribute to the Queen and an accessible playground, have been approved by council.

On so many levels this project fulfills the aspects of innovation and sustainability enshrined in the Strategic Plan. It may be the first.

As for the price tag it’s not like we’re bailing out the Aurora Soccer club.

I’m not sold on all the tears that will be shed over compromising a soccer pitch. Lets not forget this is the same councilor that lamented the loss of his favorite family eatery : The Zellers restaurant.

The town’s Master Rec plan has provided a wide range and quality of soccer pitches for Aurorans. So if the councilor is as noble as he says he is in his intent to serve the interests of ALL Aurorans. It would be respectable if the town could catch up to our soccer offerings with respect to accessible playgrounds.

I expect Her Majesty The Queen would concur.

As for Gallo’s on and off field antics I don’ believe she would be amused.


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