denial is the first step

On page A14 of the September 25th 2013 Aurora Banner York Region Media group fellates itself yet again by claiming its newspapers and website are “already your best source of local news in your region”.

This from a paper that can’t even get its own name right, as I posted out here:

Interesting that the Banner is the only one quoted as reaching such a high opinion of its output, so much for journalistic objectivity from its team of “award-winning journalists”.

Editor-in-chief Debora Kelly is quoted in the piece saying :

“Now, is a one-stop reading experience for our informed and engaged users.”

I’m not sure which is more laughable, the fact that she believes that the website is an exclusive news site or that she refers to the papers audience as “users”.

The inflated sense of self worth reaches the bursting point when she claims the following:

“it’s part of our continued commitment to making our newspapers and website your undeniably best source of news locally.”


“Undeniably best source of news locally.”

Mark Twain was right, denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, it’s alive and well over at The Banner.

I suppose the growing list of significant errors The Banner has chalked up over the past year ( see here: ) can be simply dismissed as plausible deniability.

Aurorans have been mourning the loss of prominence and journalistic integrity The Banner once enjoyed.

The real “informed” and “engaged” ones just appear to be further along the five stages of grief than The Banner itself.

Here’s a song while we’re waiting for them to catch up:


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