The Noodle-Headless Horseman

Clr. Gallo is always getting in over his head writing letters to The Auroran. Perhaps the Clr. is of the belief his written word exonerates him of what I can only describe as a particularly ignorant decision making process. Whatever the rationale his letters only serve to solidify the Legend of Sleepy Gallo, which we will explore further here.

I posted about Clr. Gallo’s most recent diatribe regarding the preparations for building an accessibly park here:

In this week’s edition of The Auroran Bruce Walkinshaw provided a similarly observant response to the Clr. which you can read here:

The Mayor’s column this week does a fantastic job of educating the Clr. on how council functions. Something Clr. Gallo should welcome considering he is on record for calling a "point of something" at a council meeting:

It is hard to take the Clr. seriously at the best of times when he had the audacity to ask Clr. Buck to step aside for him :

Or when in a council meeting he claimed that "culture is dead in Aurora": Yet for some reason he has so much to say on the subject when council debates the Cultural Master Plan.

It’s sad that Clr. Gallo’s head isn’t in the game, the last time he got all fussy over a park he managed to stop work on David English park, I commented on that here:

Clr. Gallo’s twitter feed boasts the grandiose claim "My focus is what’s in the best interest of ALL Aurorans!", the irony of which was made more than apparent in Walkinshaw’s letter.

Gallo’s continued support for the failed SLAPP lawsuit rightfully earned him the name "noodlehead" from Eric Johnson of Blog Law Blog

If the Clr. wanted to even keep up the appearance of acting in the interest of ALL us Aurorans one can’t help to wonder why he is so willing to turn the page on issues like he did here:

His own blog at shows a complete lack of engagement, only paralleled by a complete lack of substance. Among the 6 pieces he has posted since July of last year is his masterpiece about the Zellers Diner which I commented on here:

Those that go searching for Ichabod Crane in in Washington Irving’s "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" only find a bunch of horse tracks, hat, and a shattered pumpkin.

When constituents in Aurora go looking for Clr. Gallo in his words they come up just as empty handed.


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