do you even know where Aurora is?

The Town of Aurora’s Sesquicentennial ad-hoc committee’s twitter feed posted: “Hillary House Ball coming up in Aurora.”

You can read the October 4th tweet here:

I pointed out that this year’s Hillary House Ball is not “coming up in Aurora” but instead is being held at the “King Valley Golf Club”, which of course is in King Township.

I mentioned that in a previous post here:

Their tweet is blatantly misleading but instead of correcting the mistake whoever is running the twitter feed deflected with some nonsense about being a volunteer, and how they were just trying to “SUPPORT” (in capital letters) something.

Just how deluded do you have to be to believe you are supporting “something” by failing to state where exactly that “something” is?

And WTF does being a “volunteer” have to do with anything? Does being a volunteer suddenly exonerate oneself from making mistakes?

A separate response went off on another tangent about “positivity and negativity” somehow suggesting that pointing out their glaring inaccuracy is being “negative”.

I’m not suggesting that my comment was negative, but even if it was the response was less than professional. Over on the HBR blog Heidi Grant Halvorson has an interesting article on the value of negative feedback:

It’s unfortunate that those responsible for the Town’s Sesquicentennial twitter account chose such a rookie move, one that does not adhere to the 12 Principles for Responding to Negative Online Comments outlined here:

A well written social media policy should have prevented something like this, in fact at the June 25th Council meeting committee member Greg Smith speaks about a “Social Media Stratgey” @ 31:36 here:

Strange that whoever is doing the tweeting has no qualms about promoting Smith’s own company on the committee’s feed as evidenced here:

This confirms my suspicion when sitting in on  committee meetings I sat in on that there there wasn’t sufficient social media acumen among the committee members.

Add to that the fact that the Town’s Communication Manager effectively washed his hands of posting updates to the town’s website claiming it was beyond his scope, or that adding a 5th button to the landing page would burden his staff, which is 4 deep.

If there was any expertise that was to be gained by the event coordinator the committee hired who then left with no explanation, the efforts in her new post in Stouffville don’t speak to someone that is capable of executing social media strategy:

When one bothers to review of the Sesquicentennial’s twitter feed over the past month one finds a mishmash of poorly curated content. Curiously a number of those have been to announce other events in King Township.

It is less than “obvious” how any of these social media efforts SUPPORT or enhance “Aurora’s” 150th anniversary.

With all the talk around town about how specific events “put Aurora on the map” it’s sad that those responsible for celebrating the town’s 150th anniversary can’t even find our town on a map.

Perhaps the committee should have chosen a social channel like Foursquare to handle such a daunting task.


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