If you were waiting for a sign this is it

It took a decade but the Town of Aurora has updated the electronic signboard at Aurora Heights & Yonge Street to reflect the town’s corporate logo.

Here is was on July 29th:

And here it is as of yesterday:

The original sign was so old it featured the slogan “A place we’re proud to call home”, which predates the aging, and downright brain dead slogan “You’re in good company” from 2005 that I commented on here: https://wattstrending.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/our-location-has-its-slogan/

It also displayed the town crest (which is not a coat of arms as I posted here: https://wattstrending.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/petticoat-of-arms/ ).

Kudos to the town on increasing consistency of its image, something that it has had trouble with over the past 8 or so years which I commented on when they replaced the entrance signs here:

Given the lengthy and restrictive sign bylaws the Town enforces on businesses it has an opportunity to continue this trend and lead by example.

The next candidate for replacement should be the signboard at the North West corner of Yonge & Wellington, which not only points traffic to a non existent Museum, it also features the town crest along with the words “Welcome to Historic”:

Given the Town has defined a section as “The Promenade”, a “historic downtown core, a heritage district and a second in the works a case could be made for a comprehensive signage master plan.

Of course by the time that is complete we will most likely, and hopefully be onto a significantly more professional logo and have dropped the unnecessary slogan altogether.


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