Who ya gonna call?

Earlier this year Mayor Dawe brought forward a motion seeking an investigation of a local calling area for Aurora.

Back in June the town issued this press release: http://www.town.aurora.on.ca/app/wa/mediaEntry?mediaEntryId=61505

At last Tuesday’s council meeting a report from staff outlined how futile such an initiative would be. The Error Banner reported on it here:

If you read the report Bell’s response was to take our collective handsets and shove it.

It is not surprising that after the fiasco of trying to get an injunction against a cell tower in another municipality that our neighbors in Markham and Vaughan declined to return our calls.

I’m unsure how the mayor or members of council who voted in favor couldn’t see any of that coming.

How exactly was this conceived of being worthy of inclusion on a council agenda? It is not unlike the Mayor’s preposterous motion to expend resources to fight contraband cigarettes last year : https://wattstrending.wordpress.com/2012/11/18/waiting-for-dawe-to-exhale/

How many calls had the Mayor received by irate Aurorans over long distance rates?


And if there were any, how many of those calls were made on rotary phones?

It is almost 2014. Bell is correct, long distance rates have decreased significantly over the past decade due to competitive pressures.

No one I’ve spoken to since moving to town has said "Hey you know what really grinds my gears about Aurora? Our long distance calling area. Grrrr I’m so mad I’m thinking about moving".

I’m sure the majority of Aurorans are capable of handling their own long distance calling issues. There is an app for the iPhone, or any iOS device, called Talkatone http://www.talkatone.com/ with it one can do long distance calling over WiFi. Freephoneline.ca is another alternative and Microsoft Skype is now available on a wide range of platforms.

If there are distances council should be looking to reduce they are between the town’s service levels and its citizens.

A recent service level report illustrated several jumping off points for increased efficiency. But when council is wasting staff time with items like this I am doubtful
any will be debated during the ongoing budget meetings. Especially when the mayor has stated repeatedly that a 0% tax increase is not realistic.

Perhaps the mayor should be less preoccupied with the long distance in our telephone bills but the one that is growing between himself and reality:


Watts on your mind?

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