Last Call for Aurora

Civic Action is running a campaign to champion a regional transportation system and the need to find sustainable ways to pay for it. The campaign is titled Your 32 and you can find out more on their site here:

What is the significance of the number 32 you ask?

32 represents the number of minutes per day, on average, that you’ll save on your commute if necessary changes to transit outlined in Metrolinx’s 25-year plan .

32 minutes is the difference between the average commute time if The Big Move is funded and built over the next 25 years (77 minutes), and the commute time if no comprehensive system is in place over the same time (109 minutes).

That’s eight days a year or about two years over the course of your life.

Civic Action believes there is a role for everyone in our quest to solve the transportation crisis. Leaders and residents across the region need to join the conversation, and be a part of the solution.

In one of their tweets this morning they revealed just who has joined the conversation:

Curious to know which of the 9 York Region Mayors has not pledged their support I scanned their online list and in the no column was Aurora’s Mayor Geoff Dawe:


Only 2 of Aurora’s 8 Councillors have pledged their support : Chris Ballard & Paul Pirri.

That’s a pretty poor showing on an issue that councilors should be weighing in on given the significant strike residents experienced last year.

Another interesting mark in the absent column is Aurora/Newmarket MPP Frank Sleeze.

Ironically he’s supposed to be the opposition’s “Transportation Critic”.

I fail to see this as evidence of how anyone, let alone our MPP “gets things done”.

A lower level of engagement cannot be displayed.

Perhaps both our Mayor and MPP are waiting for the short bus.


* Update : Mayor Dawe has pledged his support:

MPP Frank Sleaze is still M.I.A. as to be expected.


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