bumper stumpers

While attending the November 11th Heritage Advisory Committee meeting I noticed a stack of these fugly licence plate covers on the front desk at town hall:

Not only are they constructed of the cheapest quality plastic notice that they do not bear the town’s official logo, nor are they in the color of the town’s logo.

The slogan printed on the bottom is not the town’s current slogan but the one from over 10 years ago.


Where did these abominations come from?

Why are they located on the front desk at town hall?

Are they somehow related to the town’s 150th celebrations?

And most importantly why would the town be handing out licence plate covers at all?

Trying to get some answers to these questions I contacted one of our councilors and was informed that these covers were not recently produced but leftover from some time ago.

Why they were stacked on the Information desk at Town Hall was uncertain.

Dispensing cheesy Made in China trinkets from the 1990s does little to reinforce the pillars of innovation and sustainability in Aurora’s strategic plan, and by handing out licence plate covers and increasing parking at Town hall at a cost of nearly $300,000 ( https://wattstrending.wordpress.com/2013/09/18/parking-up-the-wrong-free/ ) the town is sending out conflicting messages to those by it’s Environmental initiatives department.

I have yet to see any of these plate covers sported by any of the ambassadors of our town, nor do I expect to. Honestly would you expect the Mayor to put this crap on either of his Jaguars http://www.motoring.ca/mayor-geoffrey-dawe-and-his-special-classic-sports-car/

It is disappointing that both staff and council favor complacency over consistency when it comes to communications.

Wouldn’t the more appropriate response to discovering a box of old plastic junk be to send it to the blue bin and hold one back to add to the Aurora Collection?

Instead the Town of Aurora seems to be content is telling Aurorans to :


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