the ROC whisperer

The Georgina ROC, better known as Mt. Gross-i, is an $18 million boondoggle. Apparently that’s okay though because you can fit your ass in a tube and slide down it yelling “Yippie Kay A” the whole time the operation is also sliding into the red.

I’ve commented on the ill-conceived and unsustainable project previously in this post and this one:

On November 4th the Error Banner reported that after 3 seasons a business plan is in the works, and get this it is going to be written by slave labor, scratch that, students:


In trying to better understand the decision making that went into both the capital and operating costs behind the ROC, I got some responses to some tweets I sent to both the Town of Georgina’s and the ROc’s twitter feeds. The duplicity of this was made apparent when it was revealed that both twitter feeds are managed by the same office.

Instead of being dragged into a political debate The ROC simply did what it could to offer a tour of the facilities, as surely that was all that was necessary. Because once one sets foot on the hill they fully grasp the shear awesomeness and all the pesky things like budget and operating costs are meaningless.

Another $120,000 is listed as expenses in a 3 year work plan including a social media strategy which may help with how the ROCs twitter feed is used in the future.

There is no shortage of support for the ROC as evidenced in the feedback on its social media channels, but the fact that the Banner article reports that the ROC :

cannot measure and track the percentage of people actually coming to the ROC as a result of radio ads, email blasts, brochures, attendance at trade shows, print advertising and outreach to schools without a formalized marketing strategy and tools in place.

points to yet another huge oversight in the projects implementation.

I’m disappointed that my curiosity was met with backlash by one twatter-er, who obviously doesn’t understand social media, suggesting it is none of my business, that I was somehow “wasting time” and did everything to dissuade me from asking questions.  So much for principles of engagement and accountability.

As it was pointed out in my twitter exchange I may not live in Georgina, but when $ million mountains are made out of dunghills in a Region that is $2 billion in debt you can’t help but question how projects of this scale are vetted.

There are significant long-term problems with running an unsustainable facility that can’t be glossed over with another spraying of fake snow coupled with the “if you build it they will come” attitude.

The whole “you need to see it to understand it” argument is invalid. Value is measured in relation to expenditure of resources, not absent from them.  For some it seems it doesn’t matter what the ROC costs because, hey it is great. $1.8 Million, 18 Million, $180 Million…  It’s irrelevant to question because they are just pesky numbers, and hey look I’m tubing eh!

As “great” as it may be Mt. Grossi appears to be built on a fragile financial foundation, similar to that of a house made of glass, and those who prefer to remain in an ignorance is bliss phase shouldn’t be throwing ROCs.

Unless of course this is a revenue stream that can be harnessed to shore up the mountain of debt.


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