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A decision handed down from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in October declared there was no conflict of interest in Councillors sitting on the Aurora “Cultural” centre board of directors. Mayor Dawe posted on this in his blog here:

This decision certainly ensures the implementation of transparency and accountability to the operation of the “Cultural” Centre that has been missing since it’s questionable and less than professional formation.

Obviously this decision flies in the face of Clr. Ballard’s position that Councillors would be serving “two masters”. I commented on that here:

It appears that Clr. Gallo enjoy’s parroting his council seat partner and used the two masters reference at a recent council meeting regarding the Aurora Sports Hall of Fame board, which Clr. Abel was a sitting member.

I find it rich that Clr. Gallo, who made his opinion known at a council meeting that “Culture was dead” in Aurora is now doing an about face expressing his interest to sit on the Aurora “Cultural” Centre board.

I commented on the councilor’s reductionist and insulting statement both in my blog here: and in a column on pg 4 of The Auroran at the time here:

On the same page the Editor called out Clr. Gallo’s statement:

“for the people in this community – particularly at the Council table – who have appointed themselves the arbiters of taste to declare culture “dead” in Aurora simply because Council decided not to waive a relatively measly $1,300 for a highly successful jazz festival is presumptuous and could be very insulting”

Add to that the fact that Clr. Gallo has been absent from several of the town’s own cultural events. Most recently both the Santa Claus Parade and the town’s tree lighting event. In all of the town’s events I have attended this year I don’t believe I have seen Clr. Gallo at even one of them. He seemed to take exception to this being pointed out by another resident in the Auroran and simply used his children as an excuse. Because, obviously no other representative of the town has family.

If Clr. Gallo currently has a lack of time to represent the town at cultural events and has to put his family first as he says he does, than one wonders why he would seek out this specific appointment.


The hipocricy is strong with this one.

There is little, if anything that I could pinpoint Clr. Gallo contributing to the lengthy debate around the council table that resulted in the current Cultural Services Agreement ( ). Not surprising as there is little, if anything I could pinpoint Clr. Gallo contributing to council in general.

Based on the self professed restrictions on his time, his generally high level of grandstanding and opposition to the changes that needed to be made to the Cultural Centre agreements I don’t want him anywhere sitting on the “Cultural” Centre board.

Clr. Gallo has to understand that representing Aurora’s culture is a lot more involved than dressing up in some hipster jacket as he did at the April 10th, 2012 meeting when several supporters of the “Cultural” centre were in attendance.  I commented on his dramatic costume change here:

Borrowing a page from Ohio University’s successful 2011 campaign, in Aurora we’re a culture not a costume.


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