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Last month during the YRSBEC’s N6 conferenceceries Frank Stronach was recognized for the many contributions he has made in the town of Aurora.

Over on his blog here: Mayor Dawe posted on the opportunity to present to Mr. Stronach a “Key to the City”, in quotes.

This misnomer is akin to the town’s efforts of participating in the annual Doors Open event whereby the town pats itself on the back for successfully opening doors that aren’t closed:

Considering the Mayor recognizes who he represents just who is he trying to fool exactly?

Recently Markham made the headlines regarding the decision to change their nomenclature from town to city:

Aurora is no Markham, just as it is no city.

So why would the Mayor of the “Town” of Aurora present anyone a key to the “City”?

When reported in The Auroran the key was more aptly referred to it as the “key to Aurora”:

Is it not enough for our Mayor to celebrate who we are that he feels so compelled to overcompensate?

To borrow a phrase, perhaps our Mayor needs to stay informed, stay involved because this is, after all: our Town.

And if you’re interested in the image above Tom Burns’s design is available on a t-shirt here:


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