walking in a winter blunderland

This was the scene at the south end of the Aurora Public Library parking lot entrance on Church Street yesterday:

It was like this the bulk of the day. I captured these photos around 4:30 PM and wouldn’t be surprised if the snow is still there.  Strangely enough when I drove around library square there was no similar obstructions blocking traffic to Victoria Hall, Blue Balloon or the old Public library.


We are all aware of the town’s sidewalk gaping issues, of which I have commented on previously here:

and here: https://wattstrending.wordpress.com/2012/09/24/the-sidewalk-ends-here/

When you have a perfectly good sidewalk that allows foot traffic from Younge Street to the Library, Church Street School, local businesses and community groups, churches and town park what would possess someone to block it in with 6 feet of snow?

Back in September I posted on the town’s bungling of repair to a sidewalk at a noted problematic intersection adjacent to, and the primary route into a Public school: https://wattstrending.wordpress.com/2013/09/07/careful-the-first-steps-a-doozy/

Now seeing this makes me question exactly how the town can continue to espouse the health and environmental benefits of walkable communities when they go and do this.

It’s even more laughable given the lengthy recent debate over Library square and members of council and the community balking at parking in an attempt to promote less car traffic and more foot traffic around Library square and in the downtown core in general.

I doubt this is going to win the town of Aurora any awards from http://www.canadawalks.ca or http://www.walklive.org/

Add to that accessibility issues at Town Hall, and public parks were the subject of lengthy debate so what excuse is there for this?

A recently conducted a service level review showedthat Aurora is the 3rd costliest to run per capita when compared to 6 other municipalities.  If you don’t agree that we’re getting good value for the $ we’re spending on services as basic as snow clearing efforts please don’t bother Deputy Mayor Abel as he doesn’t believe it is his role to scrutinize these kind of things:

I suppose we’re supposed to chalk this up as the town’s latest noble experiment in Pedestrian Traffic Calming.

Watts on your mind?

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