a slap happy new year

Simultaneously bringing a fresh slate and new hope the new year hammers the
final nail in the coffin for 2013.

The greatest release worth celebrating is that Aurorans no longer have to endure the town of Aurora’s mediocre 150 celebrations.

From the launch of their pathetic logo to unused and backwards approach to social media through through 4 events that lacked and even discouraged engagement. What should have been lasting and memorable the whole exercise failed to resonate with the town as a whole and can only be described as "meh".

Surely the region’s supply of lipstick was exhausted in dressing up that pig, and so much so I’d be surprised that Revlon wasn’t approached to sponsor it.

The mountain of lost opportunities was allowed to grow to Mt. Grossi proportions as the key principles of innovation and sustainability enshrined in the town’s strategic plan were ignored in favor of the status quo.

Unlike our neighbors Newmarket, the town of Aurora’s insular approach of stagnation and not straying from its comfort zone in 2013 has visibly taken its toll causing the town’s relevance to slip further from being in "good company" to being in "tolerable company".

The next opportunity for big change in Our Town comes in October where collectively we can ensure the town’s next 150 years are nothing like the last one.

We deserve better.


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