all stuck up

Rushed into existence back in May of 2013 to fill a decade long vacuum I commented on the completely forgettable “Aurora Collects : Dust” exhibit in this post here:

One component that I left out was laughably described as an “interactive”. The concept was you added to the timeline by sticking a post-it-note to the wall, as advertised in the paper here:

Can you imagine anything more tacky?

Not surprisingly when I returned the week before the exhibit was torn out in November to make way for the previously booked Aurora Farmers Market (more on that in a future post) there were very few notes added. I would peg the total number around 20.

This demonstrates the extent of what the Aurora Historical Society’s concept of engagement is.

Here are a few:

Not wanting to miss such an “interactive” experience I decided to add a few notes of my own, you can see them here:

As the Aurora Hysterical Society continues to triumph its accomplishments and belief that it is sustainable in the wake of recently announcing the termination of one of it’s staff, perhaps the most appropriate post-it-note that should have been added was the one at the top of this post.

Watts on your mind?

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