Accidental Journalist

Anyone who feels my pointing out of the Era Banner’s ongoing sloppy journalism is excessive, or that the nickname Error Banner is unwarranted needs to read on.

A recent traffic accident that claimed a life of one driver was reported in both the Banner and the Auroran.

Here is the Brock Weir’s piece in The Auroran:

And for comparison here is Sean Pearce’s piece in the Banner:

Pearce’s version reports the accident the other way around.

After speaking to someone who actually witnessed the accident and stayed around to provide a statement they have verified that the Aurorans reporting seems to be the accurate one.


The Banner continues to list an Editor and Editor-in-chief on staff. Neither of them seem capable of providing a product that doesn’t require warning labels like the one featured above.

That the majority of the Banners end up directly in the blue-bin is no accident.

Watts on your mind?

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