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Late last month Atlanta was pummeled by winter storm “Leon”.

Michelle Sollicito noticed the lack of a resource to connect stranded motorists with those able to help out so she created one, on Facebook.

By way of crowdsourcing “SnowedOutAtlanta” reached almost 50,000 followers.

That’s without spending over $4,000 on ads like what was pissed away on the Aurora 150 Facebook page.

One person is quoted in this piece as saying Sollicito “has done more for our city than any official.” You can read more here:

Now back to Aurora, or as our Mayor has referred to our town : “the home of innovation”.

While in attendance of the January 13th budget meeting I listened to the discussion surrounding the town’s recent communications fumble (which I commented on here : ) and then watched an attempted recovery which was obviously lifted from the Broncos playbook.

The CAO made some remark about how using the internet to communicate was not reliable because without power there was no way for people to access the internet?

What year is the CAO living in 1998?

Last time I checked mobile devices have these new fangled things called batteries.

In the coverage I watched of the blackouts what was reported endlessly was people looking to recharge their mobiles so they could stay connected.

I certainly didn’t see people clamoring to plug in their FM radio and dial in 88.5 The Jewel.

So in Atlanta someone with $0 was able to engage with 50,000 people (almost the population of Aurora) and provide a vital service yet we’re supposed to believe that Aurora’s “professional” communications staff is 100% aligned with the town’s strategic plan and therefore warranted a an operating budget approaching $600,000.


How did the dinosaurs die out again?

Was it the ice age or were they just as inept at communicating with each other as the Town of Aurora is with its citizens?


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