LEGO is my religion

I don’t hide my faith, or the fact that I was indoctrinated into LEGO from a very young age.

Studying the LEGOLAND Space & Castle sets of the late 1970s and early 1980s including the very ones featured on this retrospective timeline:

Both my daughters seem to be on a similar path having graduated from the Duplo sized blocks to the regular bricks and the new LEGO Friends sets targeted to young girls:

There was that brief period where they experimented with the MegaBloks, but all has been forgiven and we prefer not to talk about that deviation from the true path.

With the LEGO Movie being released last weekend I extracted my well preserved tomes and we all enjoyed the religious experience of interconnecting LEGO of today with that of 30 years ago.

To learn that a GhostBusters anniversary set ( ) is planned only makes me want to delve deeper into my spiritual side.

This Wired piece explains how Lego’s licensing deals, like the one above, have grown their base of followers:

LEGO’s ads have become as creative as their disciples, check some of them out here:

This Saturday, February 15th at 2:30PM Aurora’s foremost cultural institution, the Aurora Public Library is running a Winter LEGO Day for ages 5-10. No doubt the seats have been filled.

I’m eager for the Library to crack the spine on the instruction manual and plug in their 3D printer so that us older kids can experiment with the Hasso Plattner Institute’s “FaBrickation” program that combines 3D printing with lego:

They claim this method offers an average building time 2.44 times faster than standard 3D printing, and allows greater flexibility in design modification, you can read more here:

Combine these tools with a plug-in for Google’s popular Chrome browser is paving the way for a whole new audience to build:

It is in the intersection of art and engineering, where brick meets brick that one finds god.

Or makes him in his or her own image.

Can I get a Hallelujah?



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