What’s in a name?

Last week it was revealed that the Aurora “Cultural” Centre had sold naming rights to gallery space at Church Street School in an attempt to working towards sustainability, or at least provide the appearance of such.

This was confirmed in the Thursday 27th edition of the Error Banner and on the Centre’s website here: http://auroraculturalcentre.ca/announcing-the-meridian-gallery/

To recap, the Centre has resorted to sell naming rights for revenue.

Forget sustainability, Its 2014. Where is the innovation in that?

This latest mediocre attempt is a natural deliverable from the same group that once suffered from irritable vowel syndrome selling $250 keys on their piano in a failed attempt to recoup costs: https://wattstrending.wordpress.com/2010/11/30/all-together-now/

From paying for signs on provincial highways:
https://wattstrending.wordpress.com/2012/02/28/auroras-cultural-center-of-attention/, to plagiarizing another’s logo: https://wattstrending.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/the-imitation-of-culture-or-the-culture-of-imitation/ name recognition certainly seems to be elusive for a group so certain of its ability to deliver culture to us Aurorans.

The entire issue of naming rights, and wrongs goes back to when the name “Heritage” Centre was stripped from the Church Street School, along with the Millions of $ in investments from the Historical Society, the town and the Federal Government, the name that was chosen instead has only served to emphasize its awkwardness and inappropriate occupation of that town asset.

Stemming from their own poorly chosen name, the act of carving off parts of itself and selling it to the highest bidder is a comedy that could have been penned by Shakespeare himself.

And a comedy that will be back before council soon enough as evidenced by Clr Buck’s recent post here: http://evelynmbuck.blogspot.ca/2014/02/lets-have-facts.html

It is no surprise that this latest brain fart is from the same group that previously seeking a revenue stream sublet space in the building, that they don’t own.

Because how else could they possibly expect to be sustainable.

Obviously not from their programming, which is heavily subsidized from the town.

By subleasing space, for which they paid $1 to the town to use did not sit well with the community. It further displaced the efforts of the Historical Society who were attempting to set up displays in the building that they paid for.

This matter was a component of the recent re-negotiations and redevelopment of the Cultural Service agreement. One which continues to pour out over $400,000 in funding in addition to $150,000+ for building operations and maintenance.

Ironically the only thing that remains after flushing this money year after year is their name.

Anyone paying close enough attention will notice how the “Church Street School” part of their original name (the one included on their letter of incorporation) serving to acknowledge the historic building has subtly been removed from all their communications, in favor of simply “The” Aurora Cultural Centre.

In the spirit of revisionist history it is even stated on their own website, under the gallery page in question here: http://auroraculturalcentre.ca/our-spaces/red-gallery/ that “The Aurora Cultural Centre built in 1886, is a 17,500 square foot community space…”


Church Street School was built in 1886.

The Aurora “Cultural Centre” has built nothing.

A room by any other name is still a room.

And this recent misadventure only serves to underscore how much of a fool’s paradise The Aurora Cultural Centre is.


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