King of the Hillary House Ball

In addition to the $60,000 in grant money the Town of Aurora handed to the Aurora Historical Society in 2013 they also subsidized the 2013 Hillary House Ball by purchasing a table at a cost of over $1000.

The $150/ticket ball was marketed over on the Museums Ontario site ( ) as “A sophisticated social event”.

Translation : an elitist and snobby affair.

In this Error Banner piece event organizer Mr. Bill Albino flogs the ball as a “must attend” event:

Yet the Hillary House Ball did not sell out.

It appears that The Aurora Sports Hall of Fame event, which targeted the same audience level but for at a less extravagant ticket price was everything the ball wasn’t:

Another big difference between the two is that the Sports Hall of Fame event was held here in Aurora.

The Hillary House Ball was held in King City.

There’s a WTF? for you.

In the October 9th Auroran Mr. Albino said this about the venue change:

“We wanted to do something a little different and we thought it was a first class venue. We explored all the options around Aurora, including The Mansion, which did a good job for us last year, but given that there are so many galas nowadays, we wanted to differentiate ourselves a little bit. We wanted a place that could serve the quality of meal that we want, and could hold the size of crowd we wanted to attract. King Valley was very, very accommodating. Their aspiration is this will become an annual event and we will host it there for years to come.”

You can read more here:

How insulting do you have to be to say that you have explored “all options” in town and there was no place in Aurora that could provide the “quality of meal” or a “first class venue”?

Notice how the organizer emphasized “AHS has worked out a very “attractive” deal with tour operators in Richmond Hill and Newmarket”.

Which makes the following claim over on the Museums Ontario site even more preposterous:

“the Hillary House Ball also offers a wonderful opportunity for businesses to express their support of that heritage and to connect with key people from the Aurora business community.”

Triple grade bullshit.

Why would Aurora businesses want to support a heritage effort that actually takes business out of the town?

Mr. Albino continues, stating that “We felt last year was really successful, it made “some” money for us.”

I have sought out and not received any figures to refute the fact that the 2012 event broke even as I pointed out in this post here: and this post here:

Meaning the money spent at the 2012 event didn’t aid in any preservation or restoration efforts.  It merely provided for the snobby affair.

The 2013 event supposedly made some money (not disclosed in their financials or at their AGM), but it cost more to put on given that it was moved to King Township.


The blurb on the Museum Ontario also states:

“Proceeds aid in the ongoing preservation and restoration of Hillary House”

But from the 2013 financial statements it appears that the AHS spent less money on preservation and restoration efforts in 2013 than 2012.

How exactly can anyone at the Aurora Historical Society claim an event like this is considered “a very good vehicle to raise money” when the total revenue from fundraising was actually $2,000 less in 2013 than in 2012?

Perhaps a much more honest advertisement for such an event would have been this:


More on how how woefully inept the Aurora Historical Society’s long range fundraising plan has been in another post.

In the words of Hank Hill “I tell you what.”

“That ball just aint right.”


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