Heritage Sign Language

Aurora’s poorly constructed “Promenade” study was the subject of much debate leading up to the last Municipal election. I posted on it here:

Mayor Dawe’s belief that “having Liquidation World occupy the old Price Chopper is a start” speaks volumes now that Liquidation World itself has been liquidated.

With the exception of having Aw Shucks move into the core nothing concrete has happened over the past 3 years of his term.

Now over $1 Million has been earmarked for the implementation of a 5 year “Community Improvement Plan”.

The Auroran has been covering it in these pieces:

The Error Banner has also weighed in here:

A business owner quoted in this article seems skeptical:

“They need to look at the bigger issues. You’re not fixing the problem. Stores are failing down here.”

He then goes on to echo my concerns voiced back in 2009:

“While the grants will be beneficial, the town needs to resolve parking and driving issues in the downtown.”

You mean the parking and driving issues that Mayor Dawe played down during his campaign by saying: “the town may be far ahead by doing things as simple as putting up some signs directing people to local parking lots.”

It is obvious to all Aurorans that simply putting up signs directing people to local parking lots is not a viable solution to the traffic nightmare at Yonge & Wellington and throughout the downtown core.

Signs constitute the least amount of effort and were obviously envisioned by our mayor as a quick win so why haven’t any materialized?

A quick trip back in history to pg 17 of the April 10th Auroran here:
http://www.newspapers-online.com/auroran/?wpfb_dl=245 reveals that Downtown Commercial District Signs were proposed over 10 years ago, recommended by the town’s Economic Development Advisory Committee and adopted by council in September of 2005.

The piece goes on to say that in June of 2006 the Economic Development Advisory Committee recommended signs be installed and that district names were already decided upon and endorsed by the committee.

So everything seemed to be going well until the 2006-2010 term of council.

Aside from throwing it into the black-hole known as the “Promenade Plan” what exactly did the Economic Development Advisory Committee of that term (which consisted of Chris Ballard, Stephen Granger, Wendy Gaertner, Al Wilson, Evelina MacEachern and Phyllis Morris ) do with this actionable item ?

I questioned their lack of action back in 2009 here:

And what has been done over this term?


The town wants to extend $100,000s in grants for businesses to pretty up their signs and storefronts but the town isn’t leading by example and doing their part.

It’s a double standard.

Perhaps they were waiting for a sale like the one today down at Honest Eds, where they were selling off their hand painted ones for cheap creating line-ups around the block:

The only line-ups that are witnessed in Aurora’s historic downtown are those of cars, and the only sign language that is exchanged is the occasional one-finger salute.


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