impress release

The Town of Aurora couldn’t wait to issue their first press release after council has approved its near $600,000 Communications Budget. You can read it here:

What better way to justify such excessive spending then to boast about MoneySense Magazine’s 2014 Best Places to Live report that listed Aurora No. 24 out of 201 Canadian communities:

2 years have passed since the last report in which Aurora ranked 48th out of 190.
Newmarket came in at a more impressive 13.

I commented on that in this post here:

While Aurora rose by 24 Newmarket fell 18.

Although the methodology behind the rankings is explained here: I can’t determine what has caused such fluctuations in both Aurora and Newmarket’s rankings.

Given that our Mayor considers the report to have bestowed “esteemed recognition” upon or town where was even the slightest recognition of the 2012 report when the shoe was on the other foot?

There’s some other curious remarks in this press release.

One that may be sending the wrong impression is the statement:

“Although we are a small town…”


This from the same mayor who chastised Clr. Buck during a council meeting, correcting her by stating that Aurora is not a small town but a $50 Million enterprise.

It seems the small town label is only applied by our Mayor when it is convenient, like say leading up to an election.

Another curious descriptor our Mayor has chosen is “thriving”.


Like Aurora’s historic downtown core?

Thriving like Aurora’s library square?

Thriving like the anchor store at St Andrews plaza?

Thriving like Liquidation World?

Thriving like Sormet Spa?

Thriving like the development of the demolished George Browning House?

Thriving like Wells Street Lofts?

Thriving like the Centro condos?

Thriving like the Aurora Historical Society?

No doubt with all the attention this administration has lavished on innovative strategy the small town of Aurora will continue to thrive long into the future, and we can be assured sustainability in this ranking come the 2016 report.

Watts on your mind?

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