the updating game

The Town of Aurora maintains a Register of Properties of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest which includes 652 properties. This Register includes both designated properties (under Part IV and Part V) and listed (non-designated) properties according to the Town of Aurora’s website here:

There is a separate page for Individually Designated Heritage Properties under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act here:

But don’t go looking for a link to said register anywhere on the site because you will come up empty handed.

When I inquired via the chair of the Heritage Advisory committee I was informed:

It has been removed from the Town of Aurora’s website so that it may be updated.


That a printed document of the Register can be obtained from Planning & Development Services.


It is 2014.

What kind of update requires removal of the register from the website for any noticeable duration?

The town employs a full-time Heritage Planner at a cost of over $100,000 / year.

It also spends close to $600,000 a year on communications which covers management of its website.

There is absolutely no notification as to when this resource went offline or when it is slated to return.

It is not mentioned anywhere in the HAC’s pending list, nor is it on the agenda for tomorrow night’s meeting.

If this is considered an acceptable service level then I think Aurora needs to start broadening its dating pool leading into the election this October.


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