Whut DaweFuq?

Mayor Dawe has referred to the lead up to the municipal election as “silly season”.

After tossing his dandy hat into the ring he is proving he’s not averse to supplying his own brand of silliness.

Over on Clr. Buck’s blog an interesting comment was made:

I would like to refer to Mayor Dawe’s Column in this week’s Auroran and I will quote: “We hosted a very successful Open House on February 8 at our operations depot on Scanlon Court, which gave our residents an opportunity to tour our dated facility and demonstrate the need for a new one. What became abundantly clear from the comments I received from the many who attended, was the great deal of misinformation and disinformation circulating concerning the Joint Operations Centre.

In the report from Mr. Downey it appeared that a total of nine (9) residents attended, and there was a complimentary Bar-B-Q. Apparently the mayor finds that a single digit turnout was successful and that this number can be used in the same context as “many.”

This is simply the height of stupidity.

You can read the whole thread here:

9 residents.

That many?

The cheesy public “open house” which dished out processed M&M Meat hot-dogs seems to have been as popular as Mayor Ford’s campaign rally at a Rexdale laundromat:

Engagement isn’t this council’s strong suit and this isn’t an isolated case. The South East Conservation District has highlighted how the town operates in a vacuum with respect to public notification and engagement. The Aurora $150,000 celebration is another.

Leadership in this area was desperately needed after the hit it took from the last term of council. It is disappointing that Mayor Dawe was unable to provide any.

Instead the amount of money that is expended to communicate with residents has increased $200,000 over this term of council and what we have to show for it is a communication crisis plan that places radio communications on 88.5 The Jewel, a continuously failure to launch website and when called out in the budget process to justify their R.O.I. staff was unable to provide any metrics, and simply shrugged their shoulders to say that until such time that a dedicated effort to reach out and ask the community how they wish to be communicated to (similar to what Newmarket did back in 2008) that they have no option but to continue on and expunge money on channels of advertising as they have done “historically”.

Communications is a 2 way venture, yet Mayor Dawe seems more than content to plug his fingers in his ears and model his mayoral-ship after the character of Mayor Adam West in Family Guy.

This latest column in the Auroran only emphasizes the disconnect the Mayor has with our town. A disconnect he seems more than happy to perpetuate with a mix of exaggerations and “man of the people” stories as he reluctantly is forced to get his hands dirty on the campaign trail.

This kidinc.com comic seems apropos:

Dawe is a unique beast in Aurora’s recent political scene having never served on council prior to being elected mayor.

It shows, and that’s not a good thing.

There’s a point raised in Clr. Buck’s thread with respect to how Mayor Dawe sees his role as a CEO.

One that he said he would clarify at the request of 4 members of council but hasn’t and is unlikely to.

Mayor Dawe:

Aurora is not just a corporation,
it is our town.

You are not a CEO,
you are an elected official.

Aurorans are not your employees,
we are citizens.

Aurorans are not complacent,
we are patient.

Up to a point.

Silly season is over, if you want it.


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