Katherine Belrose, BFF of the Petch House and proprieter of the table-for-2-or-more store here in Aurora approached council at the June 25th, 2013 council meeting. You can watch her during the Open Forum portion of the meeting between 5:55 and 9:50 here:

Ms. Belrose asserted that her customer base from out of town tell her that “we travel for this kind of thing”.

They will certainly be surprised when they make their next trip and see the store shuttered with a for sale sign in the window.

While proposing council pursue the fanciful Heritage Disneyland concept well north of her storefront as a means to further generate tourism she ironicaly spoke of “sustainability”. She also preached about “layering” and achieving “the right mix of business”.

I suppose the fact that the fact that her own business of selling brik-a-brak was in direct competition with Carusos, Saturday Afternoon and Bosa Nova has no correlation on her store’s short lifespan.

FYI Bosa Nova is also kaput:

I also noticed yesterday that Badalis had a for sale sign out front.

How has this council decided to achieve their much ballyhooed strategic plan’s objective of achieving a “sustainable community where neighbours care and businesses thrive” outside of spending thousands of $ for polishing up the facades of stores in the downtown core?

I can’t comprehend how this initiative would have had any impact on table-for-2-or-more which was located in a newly developed building.

Facade improvements appear to be yet another stab at addressing the symptoms instead of the root causes of our town’s continued downtown core rot.

Where is the visible and easily accessible parking that has been recognized as a key action item back in 2003:

There is none.

More importantly, where are the reasons to park ones car, or get off a VIVA bus unless you need some insurance, financial consultation, a dentist or to stop at a bank?

Where is the diversity of businesses in our downtown core that are integral to other towns successful main streets?

The fact that Aurora doesn’t have a Main-street Business Improvement Area may have a lot to do with it.

Newmarket formed theirs in 2006 with the assistance of the Town of Newmarket. It is comprised of more than 75 business and property owners in the Main Street District:

A stark contrast to Aurora whose Economic Development Advisory Committee last term turned its back on our core to create this meaningless $20,000 dud:

That council also flushed $130,000 to power-wash sidewalks in the downtown core.

Given all the attention on the “Promenade” study and that the Town of Aurora employs a staff member to assist in attracting and retaining business why is the town so paralyzed?

As residents how do we know that Aurora is setting its table for business and not just more closures?

Watts on your mind?

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