Cheek-o de Gallo

One month before Cinco de Mayo Aurora Clr. John Gallo tossed his hat into the ring for Mayor.

It is not to surprising that said hat no longer fit after Clr. Gallo cut the freak-show hair he has been sporting the majority of this term. A head scratcher given that he assured readers in the local paper that his haircut was mother and wife approved.

Although Clr. Gallo is hoping all the attention will land on his new ‘do I’m more interested in discovering any substance in his Mayoral campaign.

In researching the current Council climate unknown candidate for the office of Councillor Alice Lalas is quoted in her March 19th profile in The Auroran as saying “she has been impressed with the engagement of Councillor John Gallo through his blog posts, dissecting the political process.”

She goes on to add “Social media is huge right now, but I don’t think a lot of Councillors are broadcasting in the appropriate way.” You can read the entire profile here:

Wondering exactly how Clr. Gallo has engaged I took a peek at his social media platforms.

His blog only goes back to June 2012. It’s first entry was about the closing of his beloved Zellers restaurant. There are 2 entries for the entire 2012 year. 7 for all of 2013, and he’s managed to cobble together a total of 3 entries for this year.

So prolific.

A majority of these dozen posts are re-hashes of letters he has written to The Auroran. Very little can be gleamed from his council votes from this I turned to his twitter.

Clr. Gallo started tweeting at the very end of 2012. He has since managed a total of 229 tweets which has gained him 161 followers.

If you’re looking for where he dissects the political process you’re going to have to squint because if there’s anything of note its buried between pictures of Nutella, hideous vacation hotels and bickering between himself and soundly defeated former Mayor of Aurora Phyllis Morris.

Okay so maybe blogging and twitter aren’t his thing, I moved on to facebook thinking he may pop up there.

Wow is he ever.

Dispensing with the need for something as trivial as an election he has already declared himself Mayor on Facebook, check it out:

Compare Gallo’s profile to Aurora’s actual Mayor Geoff Dawe:

Some may think this constitutes “broadcasting in the appropriate way” I think it is blatant misrepresentation.

It also crosses the line from being cheeky to wrapping oneself in delusions of grandeur.

So who is this Mayor Gallo?

Expecting you might ask he has included a biography and sounded off on the questions “What are Mayor Gallo’s hobbies?”, “Why is Mayor Gallo making a difference?” and “How is Mayor Gallo making a difference?”

From reading this list Mayor Gallo isn’t just running for Mayor, he’s running for the least interesting man in the world.

In the race to become mayor Clr. Gallo has given new meaning to the maxim dress for the job you want not the job you have.

If there’s anyone from this term of council who has earned a “Not The Mayor” shirt it is clearly Gallo.


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