take me to your litter

Breaking with tradition the Town of Aurora is holding it’s first “anti-litter clean up day” today: http://www.town.aurora.on.ca/aurora/anti-litterday

But isn’t this an annual event you may ask?

Well, yes and no.

2009 marked the 7th annual “Mayor’s anti-litter day”:

Then in 2013 it was re-branded “Mayor’s anti-litter clean up day”:

Like the town’s Electronic Waste Recycling Event ( https://wattstrending.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/bring-out-your-dead/ ) 2014
marks another event that has removed “Mayor” from it’s title.

In doing so the title of the event is now left with a double negative.

Shouldn’t it be either “anti-litter day”, or “litter clean up day”?

Or are volunteers in Aurora spending today cleaning up anti-litter?

Perhaps this all just a matter of a simple typo and the Mayor is being replaced by Auntie Litter? :

In 2012 there was a superb summary of that year’s event on the LivingInAurora.ca blog here: http://livinginaurora.ca/aurora/mayors-anti-litter-day-event-great-event-short-on-innovation/

It will be interesting to see what, if any, innovations have been added to the 2014 event.

Particularly if the town has chosen to use the clear bags they are so ready to enforce on the rest of us.


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