The Auroran or The Anthony?

In tweet from May 8th candidate for Aurora council, Anthony Pullano, seems to have taken Wes Nisker’s 1994 book “If you don’t like the news, go out and make some of your own” to heart:

I’m not sure if this is Mr. Pullano’s attempt at humor or not. Regardless there are too many inconsistencies in his offering to take it at face value.

First off Mr. Pullano did not have a “news article” published in The Auroran as he has claimed. He submitted a letter to the editor which was rebutted by both the editor and cartoonist.

Secondly his letter was posted to page 7 where the photo-shopped image he attached to his tweet seems to suggest otherwise.

Here is Pullano’s “front page”:

And here is the real front page of The Auroran from May 8th:

For a candidate that continues to close every communication with “God Bless Aurora” it is curious why he would consciously remove the Aurora United Church ad yet maintain his own.

If this is any indication as to how Mr. Pullano will chose to present facts to Aurorans should he be elected I fail to see how this will be a blessing.

Perhaps a more apt catchphrase would be “God Help Aurora!”


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