A Kean Slate?

Thrice failed Aurora mayoral candidate and practically Auroran columnist Nigel Kean who claimed he was "finished with municipal politics" has squeezed out back to back letters in the local paper to suggest otherwise.

On April 30th he lashed out at Matt Maddocks: http://www.newspapers-online.com/auroran/?p=6492 then on May 14th he turned his brand of sour grapes to his favorite target Aurora Mayor Geoff Dawe: http://www.newspapers-online.com/auroran/?p=6665

It’s no wonder in his latest letter that Mr. Kean is encouraging negativity, he has feigned outrage with everything from the Mayor’s offsite council retreat at the beginning of this term: https://wattstrending.wordpress.com/2011/01/05/the-wrath-of-grapes/ to suggesting that the volunteers that sat on the Aurora 150 committee were not the right people for the job: https://wattstrending.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/vintage-kean/ to misconstruing the Mayor’s words so that they appeared as someone who condoned spousal abuse:

When Mayor Dawe cruised to victory by a large margin in the 2010 election Mr. Kean attempted to pin his own failure on a lack of financial support in this Error Banner piece: http://www.yorkregion.com/news-story/1445515-mayoral-run-kean-s-last-try/

He also claimed that observation was neither sour grapes nor a negative, just a reality.


Mr. Kean seems unwilling to accept any reality where 2 negatives don’t make a positive.
Nor does he seem willing to accept that Mayor Dawe’s significant base of support was achieved democratically, and failure of voters to connect with Mr. Kean was a direct result of there being little to connect with.

Aside from wannabe "Mayor" Gallo it will be interesting to see who else makes it on Mr. Kean’s slate in his multitude of letters between now and October.


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