I Pee T.V.

"Mayor" Gallo advanced a notice of motion last week spouting off a desire for the town to pursue IPTV.

If you’re interested in a quick backgrounder as to IPTV I would suggest this globe article: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/technology/gadgets-and-gear/what-is-iptv-heres-your-primer/article622727/ as well as this site: http://www.canadiancordcutting.com/

As per all of Gallo’s notices of motion brought forth to date this one is patronizing, lacking in detail and substance. For example check out this empty Whereas:

WHEREAS Aurora continues to strive to engage the public in new and innovative ways;

Or how about this one:

WHEREAS modern TV systems based on IP technologies are becoming an indispensable part of overall communications strategies;


Really? Says who?

The next one is equally vague:

WHEREAS one of the Town’s guiding principles in the Strategic Plan is “Broad community outreach and engagement with partners, businesses, newcomers and community groups to ensure inclusiveness” and one of the Pillars of Success in the Strategic Plan states “Identify new formats, methods and technologies to effectively and regularly engage the community”;

It is ironic that Gallo chooses to reference the town’s strategic plan with respect to new formats, methods and technologies as though he is marking his campaign platform with the scent of innovation when he has questioned if the town should be innovating. I commented on that here: https://wattstrending.wordpress.com/2014/01/07/putting-the-no-in-innovation/
If "Mayor" Gallo has identified IPTV as a new technology to "effectively and regularly engage the community” he has done little to substantiate it in his motion. Nor has he outlined how IPTV "ensures inclusiveness".

Here is where, or Whereas it gets interesting:

WHEREAS the Mayor and I have been contacted by Infospout, who develops and implements IPTV networks;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED THAT staff be directed to contact Infospout and any other providers of IPTV Networks, and provide Council with a report outlining the pros and cons of implementing a dedicated IPTV Network for the Town of Aurora.

Gallo claims that Infospout develops and implements IPTV networks, and that "the Mayor and I have been contacted?"

So Infospout only contacted Mayor Dawe and "Mayor" Gallo?

So what has Infospout developed? which networks have they implemented?

A cursory check shows that Infospout has zero web presence, their domain infospout.com is parked.

Trying to find any information about them is incredibly difficult, a who.is search links the domain to a Dominic Sciullo, of Uxbridge.

The only source of info I could find is a facebook page formed in February of this year that has a measly 13 likes yet no showcase of products or services. Nor is there any documentation of any functioning network.


There is however a laughable quote from Alan Middleton, assistant professor of marketing at York University’s Schulich School of Business taken from the Toronto Star:

“Anybody can have an idea. That’s not the problem. The problem is executing them. That’s the difficulty. Anything new, almost by definition, will not have an easy route to fulfillment, whether it’s commercial or political.
In fact, about 80 to 90 per cent of new products fail. Why is that? Often because companies get caught up in their own propaganda about what a great idea it is without recognizing a big change is required,”

If Infospout has executed anything they have failed to communicate it effectively.

They do seem to be caught up in their own propaganda though.

As does "Mayor" Gallo.

Directing staff to report back on the feasibility and costing of establishing an IPTV network is one thing, but to direct them to specifically contact Infospout appears incredibly premature.

Not surprising coming from someone who started off his campaign referring to himself as "Mayor".

Whereas Councillor Gallo is using this motion as a soap box to advance his soap opera platform for Mayor.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED THAT when discussed at tonight’s meeting that council simply change the channel on this motion and look at the bigger picture returning Aurora to some reality T.V. and less of this scripted drama.


Watts on your mind?

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