You removed my what?

Aurora’s approved $20+ Million Joint Operations Centre hasn’t been without controversy, and rightly so.

The project has already increased by $6 million +. I commented on it previously here:
Now we are learning that figure doesn’t capture all the options previously discussed.

In staff’s Facility Projects Status Report IES14-027 that was brought before council last Tuesday I noticed the Joint Ops Center was referenced on page 5.

Under "optional items" for the is an item listed as "Heritage Storage Area" with an estimated cost of $151,000.


I have been informed that council has chosen not to pursue this option.

What I fail to comprehend is how heritage storage became an "option" and not included in the approved $20 million build.

Everything I have read and every meeting I have attended suggested that the joint ops center would have ample space to store salvaged materials.

The number of items salvaged is pitiful at best. The last report from staff reflect 82 entries totaling just over 130 items.

How could it cost an additional $151,000 to store them? It certainly doesn’t cost that now.

If the old library is slated for redevelopment, and the Scanlon yard will be sold what happens to the current items? Will the town pay additional $ for offsite storage?

Without storage does this mean the plans to advance the Architectural Salvage Program are again put on hold until suitable storage can be determined?

Does this sound prudent, stable or fiscally responsible to you?

At the onset of this term Councilor Ballard gleefully proclaimed "Let the games begin!"

It appears council is all to willing to play regardless of missing some of the pieces.


Watts on your mind?

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