I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath

The above panel shows loveable Dilbert trying to decipher the latest fear mongering afoot here in Aurora.

Over on Clr. Buck some anonymous ass-hat has taken a swing and a miss at me by commenting on a recent post here: http://evelynmbuck.blogspot.ca/2014/06/no-organization-required.html

It’s rich to read some anonymous poster judge my fear factor by suggesting that I somehow “turtled” in posts I made with regards to face-to-face meetings with Morrisites.


Which accounts exactly?

Which Morrisites exactly? and more importantly is there a spray one can get to neutralize Morrisites, similar to the one the town is using to fight the Emerald Ash boer?

If such conclusions can be supported than by all means you brave internet troll you please enlighten all of us as to the tales of my displays of fear in the presence of the former Mayor and her minions. I could do with a laugh.

This same cowardly ass-hat then attempts to pigeon-hole me as being “from King”.

Yes I have lived in King.

I’ve also lived in Richmond Hill, Oak Ridges and Carlisle but I fail to see how any of that impacts where I live now.

If it is this poster’s intent to make a pissing contest out of nothing they will only end up soaking their own feet.

“Sabres at dawn” may be Chris Ballard’s motto, it’s not mine.

Almost 10 years ago I chose to buy my first home in Aurora to reconnect with my family roots here that go back to the early 1800s.

My curiosity with Aurora’s history isn’t some quaint pass-time, it’s coursing through my veins.

I may not have been born an Auroran but my family’s contributions to this town have included builders, businessmen, policemen, firemen, councilors, reeves and a former Mayor.

With such a connectivity to our town it is highly unlikely that our family has been intimidated by ass-hats regardless if they were encountered face-to-face or were to emerge from a gelatinous blob of anonymity.

We’re not about to start now.

If there’s any fear it seems to be resonating from this anonymous troll.

Since moving here I’ve expanded our family with the hopes that a new generation can both appreciate and contribute to what Aurora has to offer.

It’s “our town” too.

If you expect any of us to sit quietly and politely agree, or think we’re too scared to rock the boat and make a mess then hold on to something ‘cus you’re going to hear us…



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