See ya later Alligator

With a provincial election in its final days no doubt you have received robo-calls and even a knock at the door from candidates in your riding.

It may help to explain the recent sightings, and thankful capture of not just one but two alligators in the Region:

In the riding of Aurora/Newmarket Lie-beral candidate Chris Ballard’s inept campaign team has demonstrated that communication is not their strong suit after sending a Stepford wife to disturb us at home days after phoning us inquiring as to our support.

The Ontario Lie-beral party has been caught biting the hand that feeds them too many times. Selecting a candidate so slimy that he has attempted to justify an illegal SLAPP action shows the party’s desperation.

Churchill once claimed "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last"

This go round Newmarket/Aurora will not be so easily appeased.

If we’re lucky this whole maneuver will not only bite him in the ass, it will swallow him whole.


Watts on your mind?

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