Curious Georges

Earlier this term staff recommended and the HAC voted to approve demolition of the George Browning house ( ) a designated home that had "actual value" rating a 92.5/100". The reasoning

behind that decision was less to do with heritage preservation but because it was standing in the way of a fantastical Monti-sorry development.

That house is long gone with what now looks like any intent advance that owners dream as that property, sans pesky heritage home, is now for sale.

Fast forward to Monday night’s HAC meeting where the town’s heritage planning manager feebly attempted to rationalize staff’s recommendation to DENY removal of 83 George Street from the register.

Not because 83 George street has actual value. It didn’t score close to a 92.5/100 from the evaluation working group.

Not because it is designated.

It isn’t.

But because it has "contextual value."

Apparently said contextual value is that it was the home of the owner/operator of Collis Leather which the same staff recommended and committee recently voted to approve demolition of.


Hypocrisy abounds in this committee’s efforts.

This bunch of monkeys are also responsible for advancing a proposed South East Heritage Conservation District study without adequate public engagement, because as one member stated "it was the only way to preserve heritage".

Along with a lack of professionalism and a lack of purpose the only thing this committee has demonstrated consistently is a lack of consistency.

And every two years they have the gumption to hand hand out "Awards of excellence."


Watts on your mind?

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