Yessir, Yessir 3 bags full!

Stuck in with the bylaws in section 13 on tonight’s council agenda is Bylaw #5590-14 for solid waste collection.

It is easily overlooked but proposes a significant departure from the town’s garbage collection to date.

It states that council deems it necessary and expedient to repeal to the existing bylaw #4931-07.E

Flip past the first few pages of blah, blah, blah until you get to pg 4 of 13

Section 4.16 states:

The number of items put out for Collection on any premises on any collection day

(a) shall not exceed a total of 3 garbage bags

(b) shall not exceed a total of 5 bulk items


Section 4.17 then delves into quantity of items that seems to contradict 4.16 giving discretion to staff.

What exactly is a reasonable quantity?

Is it what is laid out in 4.16 or not?

Is council seriously considering to pass into bylaw tonight a maximum number of garbage items?

This seems to be a contentious issue given the recent failure to launch the ill-conceived clear bag initiative.

It also seems to impact service levels of which council just spent resources to get feedback on.

One would think that council and staff would be doing some proper consultation and education with residents before enacting such changes.

I will be watching very closely to see if this item is pulled for discussion.

Any member of council choosing to support said changes as written will find themselves ushering in another limit come October, that being their time on council.


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