how low can Gallo?

John Gallo began his mayoral race-to-the-bottom at this year’s Aurora Chamber Street Festival but instead of representing the town in the town’s booth he set up his own.

It appears from the t-shirt he was sporting that the "Mayor Gallo" slogan ( ) has been replaced with "Go Gallo Go", a blatant rip-off of 80’s cartoon Inspector Gadget’s theme-song "Go Gadget Go".

The t-shirt also sported a logo that upon closer inspection looks to be a rip-off of Greenmunch’s logo, a retail and wholesale distributor specializing in eco friendly and sustainable products ( ) :

I have no idea if Gallo is trying to flaunt a "green" or environmental theme to his campaign, but like his hair it comes up short and leaves me to wonder if there is anything authentic in Gallo’s campaign.

Just open up this month’s edition of Crap’d and you’ll see Gallo hasn’t missed a single opportunity to get his photo taken, except for the Canada Day Parade.

All of council minus Clr. Gaertner and himself participated in the parade and it begs the question as to why, yet again Clr. Gallo failed to show.

Is he only interested in participating if he is the "Mayor"?

It doesn’t get much lower than that.


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