Not worth a hill of Keans

Readers of The Auroran over the past 4 years have been subjected to Nigel Kean’s fruitless letter writing campaign to slam Mayor Dawe. I commented on that previously here:

Although I shared Mayor Dawe’s assesment of Kean’s original letter as being "so far over the top" I didn’t see the need in Mayor Dawe reply which ran last week:

I’ve found dismissing Kean’s sour grapes missives no different than say a pesky weed poking through my lawn. The Mayor’s approach seems more like using one of those environmentally friendly weed sprays that work by way of over-feeding the weed causing it to explode. Which is predictably what is on display in Kean’s letter this week:

Kean accuses Dawe of not answering questions yet provides no answers himself to questions outlined in the Mayor’s letter, nor does he acknowledge the challenge laid before him. But it is the overwhelming hipocricy in the statement about the mayor having a short memory that is most revealing. My Kean states:

"He said that I could put a sign on his lawn. I did not know his name and I was asking everyone if I could put a sign on his lawn."

You really have to love a politician that is more than happy to plant a sign on your lawn and count on your vote but not bother to learn your name.

Trying to downplay knowing who Dawe was he claims:

"I went door-to-door on his street and I had no idea who he was the first time that I ran."

Okay, so what about the second time?

Dawe’s name was certainly on Nigel’s mind when a "good source" apparently told him he was planning to run for Mayor. So much so that he felt he needed to "keep it for some day in the future":

The whole sad affair reinforces in my mind why Kean himself was not elected in his past attempts at running for the job.

He can’t face any facts that aren’t in his favor as evidenced right after losing the 2010 election when he said:

“I’m not disappointed I lost, I ran a great race, but I didn’t have the money Geoff Dawe did.”:

Not disappointed?


Letter after sour grapes letter says otherwise.

Even the statement about not having the money Dawe did was proven to be bullshit:

The thing about $ that Mr. Kean doesn’t seem to grasp isn’t about how much you can raise, it’s how it is spent.

If Kean’s own council record is so vastly superior to Mayor Dawe’s in this respect it is curious why he failed to provide comparisons in favor of trying to advance the notion of a "Dawe regime".


If there are no facts for Kean to hang his hat on he can always hope that voters will collectively suffer from "short memory" and be receptive to his incessant letters to the editor.

Or as I call it, his calling card.


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