Get Stuffed Aurora

Leading up to last year’s Ribfest The Auroran announced “PRESSure challenge” essentially a rib eating contest between representatives from The Auroran, SNAP Aurora, and The Banner.

Following the event, on pg 18 of the September 11th issue ( ) is a photo of the Auroran team competing against Snap Aurora and The Aurora Banner.

Fast forward to yesterday’s challenge and we get the picture, curtosey of Mayor Dawe’s tweet here:

Both the Auroran and Crap’d Aurora are represented but The Error Banner is nowhere to be seen.


Did the Banner suddenly decide Aurora events are beneath them or did they wimp out?

I propose a change to next year’s event being that the loser has to wipe their saucy face and hands with a copy of their own paper. Any paper that forfeits their participation has to supply enough copies of paper for all the participants.

Which is exactly how I plan to re-use my copy of Thursday’s Banner when enjoying my ribs later today.

Watts on your mind?

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