claim denied

In last week’s Mayoral debate held at the legion “Mayor” Gallo was quick to demonstrate he’s in it to win it by clinching a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors against Mayor Dawe.

Sadly, but not unexpectedly that was the only thing Gallo was able to win that evening.

A cold, defensive and agitated Gallo kept regurgitating some 10-point plan he scribbled down for making Aurora better. After all the recently adopted Town of Aurora strategic plan that is comprehensive and developed with community input obviously can’t hold a candle to the grand vision’s of “Mayor” Gallo.

What was unexpected is that Gallo would advance such a plan by insulting local business.

In one breath he said “The time has come for positive solutions together.” and then the next he questioned “Why is State Farm’s head office leaving Aurora?”.

This rather puzzling statement led to further debate not only between the two mayoral candidates but also from the audience.

Thankfully The Auroran has run a piece in this week’s edition on the subject which you can read here:

In the article Gallo is quoted as saying:

“My understanding is Desjardins has taken over State Farm and they are leaving,”

Yet he offered no basis for how he came to said understanding.

Perhaps because there isn’t one.

Seeking some clarification The Auroran reached a spokesperson for Desjardins who dispelled Gallo’s assertion. “We are not moving out of the building – in fact, we are buying this location. Desjardins still expects the transaction to lead to job creation in the coming years in Canada.”

Furthermore the spokesperson was at a loss for how someone could have gotten the impression they were moving out of Aurora.

At the beginning of the year when news of Desjardins Group’s acquisition broke several press releases were circulated. Here’s one from Canadian Underwriter:

It states:

Once the deal has closed, State Farm’s 1,700 Canadian employees and roughly 500 agents will continue to serve about 1.2 million customers in Ontario, Alberta and New Brunswick. Desjardins added that its expects the deal to lead to job creation in the coming years

One would think if you were developing a comprehensive vision extending 16 years into the future as part of a Mayoral campaign you might want to do some fact checking before spewing out unsubstantiated rumors as fact.

Rushing to judgement is not a character trait of the “FORWARD-LOOKING LEADERSHIP” Gallo is claiming he possesses

It is also the antithesis to being “AUTHENTIC”, one of the the three action words Gallo is using to define his campaign.

This isn’t a first for Gallo as in his role as councilor early this term he made the rather brazen and insulting claim that “culture is dead in this town” in a rush to reduce our entire town’s arts & culture output to a single event.

More recently Gallo rushed to direct staff to contact Infospout, a company whose products appear to be little more than vaporware:

Gallo also rushed to question whether “innovation” was the role of a municipality, ignoring the fact that innovation is a guiding principle of the town’s strategic plan:

Or how about back in October 2011 when he rushed to raise a “point of something”:

This trend doesn’t stop with just this council term, in his previous 1/2 term Gallo endorsed signing a 10 year lease (with 5 year extension) of the old Aurora Hydro building with no termination clause:

But prior to this State Farm debacle perhaps Gallo’s biggest rush to judgement was when he voted in favor of the September 14, 2010 resolution directing the town solicitor to hire outside counsel and “take any and all actions to bring resolution to this matter.”

When this resulted in a $6 million lawsuit Gallo was quoted in the Error Banner as stating: “we never agreed to sue any private residents; that was never on the table when I agreed to the motion.”

And that is how Gallo earned the nickname “noodlehead” from Eric Johnson over on the Blog Law Blog here:

If Gallo is content in making noodlehead statements based on unsubstantiated gossip instead of engaging the public, staff and local business to form his understanding then I believe it would be a big mistake to afford him any further time at the council table let alone the office of Mayor.


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