“The Children! The children!”

Mayor Dawe’s wife Henny took a break from shopping for Coach handbags with her daughter long enough to set her foot into her husband’s political arena by writing a letter to the Auroran last week where she got all Helen Lovejoy.


You can read her rather short but sanctimonious piece here: http://www.newspapers-online.com/auroran/?p=8353

Having assisted Mayor Dawe’s sign team the last election I remember no rule against planting his signs adjacent to schools, so one wonders why it is suddenly an issue in this campaign.

Or why it is an issue at all.

It’s not like the kids don’t see election signs on their way to and from school and I find it very patronizing of Mrs Dawe to define Aurora “kid’s space” as only schools and not entrances to parks, malls, libraries, rec centers….


Schools are places of learning. In fact my daughters’ school actually held a debate during the 2010 election with Mayor Dawe in attendance: http://www.yorkregion.com/news-story/4575675-york-region-students-get-lesson-in-democracy/

What is wrong with subjecting school kids to the names and faces of the politicans that seem all-too-complacent in plunging said generation into an alarming amount of debt that they have no say in?

If Mrs. Dawe was really concerned about school kids her time may be better spent having a long talk with her husband regarding $2 billion and growing debt at York Regional council on which he serves.

One thought on ““The Children! The children!”

  1. She showed up at an elementary school and sneaked her way into the office. I heard about this disgusting act at my daughter’s ballet class.
    She worries about signage near the schools….how would you feel if an unauthorized adult walked into your child’s school? What a psycho. You should do a blog post about that. God help us and everyone in Aurora.

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