the square root of stupid

Technically the square root of negative one shouldn’t exist, but it does as an imaginary number:

Similarly the alarmingly high level of stupid in some Aurorans shouldn’t exist, but it does in their
imaginations and seems to bubble to the surface during election time.

This recent facebook comment is a prime example. I have removed the name to protect the stupid:

Let’s explore this so-called "creative thinking" shall we.

The South East side of Yonge Street across from Aw Shucks is part of Aurora’s Historic Downtown Core. Heritage buildings that have served the town for close to 200 years.

These buildings are currently filled with businesses, some of which the Town recognized for over 25 years of service just last year during Aurora’s 150th anniversary including Vic’s Shoe Repair, Larters Marketing Garage (which includes a mural on the side of its building) among others.

What constitutes "creative thinking" to an idea that would remove businesses from our downtown core that aren’t lawyers, dentists and insurance agents?

Who in their right mind would consider purchasing Millions of $ of additional Yonge Street properties for a square when the Town of Aurora already has a library square adjacent to the dowtown core. The bulk of that are properties the town already owns and has received public input on how to develop.

How does tearing down existing retail storefronts in a Heritage area reflect the Town of Aurora’s Strategic Plan, Cultural Master Plan, Promenade Study or the efforts of the Town’s Economic Develoment strategies for that area?

It doesn’t, in fact it works squarely against all of them.

Oh, and then there’s the cost.

This wouldn’t be a $1.8 Million buy, the town would then have to pay to demolish perfectly sound buildings and then lose the revenue those businesses provide the tax base.

For what, a square that no one has asked for in a already traffic snarled corridor?

This Dilbert strip seems to sum up this issue perfectly:

I’m so glad that the ass-hat who considers himself a "creative thinker isn’t running for council. Here’s hoping that the council that gets elected at the end of the month see this for what it is: stupidity squared.


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