Deja Moo

Deja Moo is the feeling one gets when you’ve experienced the same Bullshit before.

Everyone in attendance at last night’s All-Candidates meeting hosted by Sport Aurora was subjected to a second helping of the stuff courtesy of Clr. Gallo.

An event that was supposed to encompass all of Aurora’s sports offerings was reduced by Gallo to a singular sport: Golf.

In particular The Mayor’s annual Golf tournament which Gallo accused the Mayor of not only failing to provide transparency for the event but that he had directed Town staff to organize and work on the event.

A claim that was swiftly refuted by one of the event volunteers that happened to be in the room.

Somehow this wasn’t enough for an audience member stating that he hailed from Brampton egging on Clr Gallo who furthered his accusations citing he had an "anonymous" letter as proof.

Mayor Dawe called it for what it was causing Gallo to recoil in fake shock and then interject that the statement was somehow "unprofessional".

Now that’s a laugh for you.

If there’s anything that Clr. Gallo’s campaign has been consistently it is unprofessional.

At the debate held back in September Gallo spread his first round of fertilizer by lying about State Farm and how they were suddenly fleeing Aurora:

Now he’s trying to plant a seed to compare the Mayor’s golf tournament to the Mayor of Brampton’s?

As is the fact that Clr. Gallo seemed to be the only one who failed to submit their platform to Sport Aurora for inclusion in the materials at the event.

Does Gallo not have a platform for sport in Aurora?

Or is it supposed to be buried in "his" 10-point plan?

Gallo was called out on his absence from the Aurora Sport Hall of Fame events and his "I don’t have to attend to show my support" position is just shoveling more on the pile.

Kudos to the Mayor for calling Gallo’s antics for what they are.

Aurorans get to do the same on October 27th.


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