shlock the vote

The saying goes Money Talks, Bullshit walks but both were shown the door on October 27th here in Aurora as John Gallo’s campaign collapsed under the weight of his ego as I predicted here:

Remember how thrice failed candidate for Mayor Nigel Kean got all whinny after his defeat to Mayor Dawe in 2010, trying to blame it on a lack of $? I commented on that here:

As campaign finances haven’t been disclosed and likely won’t be until early next year it is unknown the exact amount that was spent on the flamboyant and excessive Gallo campaign, but given the buttons, shirts, tacky soccer balls, flyers upon flyers and signs upon signs any argument over $ will be moot.

Aurora’s decision over who took the mayor’s chair was not contingent upon which candidate could cut their hair the shortest, have their wife dress them up the best or hand out cheap promotional marketing trinkets that immediately wind up in the landfill the day following the election.

Deciding factors were Authenticity, Inclusivity and Vision.

Three things Gallo campaigned on but failed to demonstrate even the most rudimentary understanding of.

Obviously frustrated with his total inability to connect with the town Gallo accelerated down the low road insinuating that State Farm was leaving Aurora which isn’t remotely true and then trying to smear Mayor Dawe at the last debate with some bullshit about a golf tournament.

There also appears that s concerted effort was made to increase the appearance of Gallo’s support in the community.

I already commented on the inexplicable spike of 1,200 facebook likes, but something similar seems to have spilled over to the Auroran’s online poll and was pointed out by a commenter on Clr. Buck’s blog here:

The polling numbers in last week’s Auroran, for Mayor are:

Incumbent 931 64%
Challenger 515 36%

In this week’s Auroran the numbers are:

Incumbent 1,197 38%
Challenger 1,915 62%

A complete statistical reversal when looking at percentages.

Votes the past week:

Incumbent 266
Challenger 1,400

1,400 votes is an interesting number, considering how close it is to the challenger’s unexplained 1200 Facebook likes.

Overall it points out the integrity of The Auroran’s online poll.

A poll that Auroran columnist Somerville has laughably claimed has an accuracy rate of +/- 6% in his latest excuse for a column here:

By extrapolating The Auroran’s poll Somerville predicted a 3rd place finish for Lalas and a 7th place finish for Desai.

When reviewing the detailed election results now available from the Town of Aurora both were way off with neither candidate being elected.

Lalas finished 20th and Desai finished 11th.

Of 23 polls Dawe took 20. Gallo took 3 and one of those was separated by a single vote.

Not exactly reflective of someone who claimed to be the “Voice of the People”.

So who was pumping up Gallo’s polls aside from the Armenians on Facebook?  Well The Error has suggested that Gallo connected with another demographic that failed to help him at the polls:

When it came down to Aurora as a whole, voters saw right through this:

and as a thriving community alive with culture and events that Gallo failed to show up for recognized the candidate for what he had accomplished over his 6 year term on council :

In trying to find the right track to play Gallo out I turned to a couple Zeppelin classics that I’ve been listening to with the latest remasters being released.

I was thinking Nobody’s fault but mine or Ramble on, which are both fitting but then I kept hearing “see-saw, knock on my door”, so here’s Jimmy Page & Robert Plant from 1998 live in Paris


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