can of squirms

Barbara Allen’s letter in this week’s Auroran, found here: is an excellent response to Susan Morton Leonard’s rather laughably uninformed rant printed back on October 15th:

Not only does Allen address Leonard’s over the top comparison of Aurora’s municipal election to events in Hong Kong but it also illustrates how her “humble opinion” about transparent government was formed in isolation from significant facts which coincidentally fail to support it.

Having followed the rather insulting antics of H.E.A.T ( which abandoned that name to go under Wells St. Neighbours (
there-wells-street-neighbour/ ) Ms Leonard took to the same paper back in 2012 as a spokesperson for this outfit professing to provide a “correct history” of town park but ended up missing the mark on that as well as I pointed out here:

But it was back in August of 2012 when the same Ms. Leonard delegated to the Town of Aurora’s budget committee where I witnessed first hand the evidence of someone who didn’t do their homework:

The tumultuous and disgraceful 2006-2010 term of Aurora council was well reported and remains the farthest thing from a shining example of openness and transparency as Allen’s numbers illustrate.

Jane Kennedy a former UK Health Minister defined her priority in that role was “to encourage openness and a culture that is willing to acknowledge when things have gone wrong.”

Leonard’s attempts at revisionist history goes about as unnoticed as someone struggling to put worms back in a can after it has exploded in their face.


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