a Riddle wrapped in a Mystery inside an Enema

According to this Error Banner piece: http://www.yorkregion.com/whatson-story/5153428-mystery-art-coming-to-aurora-cultural-centre/ some mysterious Aurora artist believes “it is so wonderful that we have a place like the Aurora “Cultural” Centre in our community, because there really isn’t anything else like it around.”

There’s probably a good reason for that considering the town of Aurora is footing an annual $500,000+ bill to cover the building and programming for a Centre that was supposed to be “an independently run corporation so it would eventually be self-sufficient, self-funding and prevent the creation of any sort of burden on the taxpayer.” as outlined in July of 2008 here: http://www.yorkregion.com/yorkregion/article/561230

It’s also hilarious that the event organizer is quoted as saying: “We want to encourage people to come out and see the talent we have right here at home.” then read that the launch for said event will not feature an Aurora group but “Toronto’s” Ensemble Polaris.


But the hypocrisy behind the Aurora Cultural Centre’s event doesn’t end there.

The mystery artist is also quoted as saying “There is always something going on here and many things are free of charge, so everyone can participate.” fails to comprehend that the launch for this event is not one of those many things that are free of charge. It is a ticketed event with a pricetag of $25 dispelling any notion that “everyone can participate”.

As for the “many things” that may appear free of charge to some mysterious ignoramus they have an impact of 2 points on Aurora’s tax base.

If the best thing that half a million dollars a year can buy is someone’s brain fart to hold an art sale by removing artists names from their works under the guise that it somehow “promotes creativity” then alarm bells should be sounding.

How pathetically empty and meaningless are peoples lives for them to consider something like this to be fun?

With programming as uninspiring as this there’s no mystery as to why Aurora’s “Cultural” Centre is not self sufficient and never will be.


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