Old News


According to Metroland Central’s vice-president and regional publisher “Nothing captures local news and history like The Banner.”

Thank God for small miracles, right?

Especially considering this is the same paper that can’t event print their name correctly: https://wattstrending.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/i-have-the-paper/

Some people call it the “Era Banner” others call it “The Aurora Banner” but is “The Banner” “one of Canada’s oldest regularly published newspapers” as it claims in one of its own limp articles here:

The article suggests “The Aurora Banner” is celebrating a 150th anniversary in 2014″ but it then goes on to dispel that by stating “The newspapers continued to publish separately until 1989, and then merged to form The Era-Banner.”

So in fact “The Aurora Banner” is not 150 years old.

It is then insincere and erroneous for a representative of the paper to claim: “For 15 decades The Banner has chronicled Aurora’s history, growth and politics” because “The Aurora Banner” was dead for close to two of those decades.

“The Aurora Banner” only had a 125 year run before it was taken out back and shot by Metroland Publishing back in ’89.

25 years later its corpse was exhumed by its own killer, dusted off and, as stated in the article:

“On Oct. 8, 2008 Metroland honoured tradition in our community with the return of The Aurora Banner.”

Unlike some at Metroland Publisihing interested in advancing revisionist history I’m not inclined to count the sizable 19 year gap between 1989 and 2008 when “The Aurora Banner” ceased to exist.

Trying to celebrate a 150 year anniversary for a paper that was dead an buried for almost 20 of those years is absurd.

If there’s an anniversary to celebrate here it is that The Aurora Banner died 25 years ago.

The fact that Metroland opted to dig it out if its grave and parade it around Weekend at Bernie’s style for the past past 6 years subjecting us to appallingly amateurish and error plagued output deserves no celebration.

Some things get better with age, but The Banner is well past its sell by date and the paper favored by Blue Bins all over Aurora is the opposite of one that claims:

“will continue to provide readers and advertisers its unique and compelling package of local news and shopping information that caters specifically to the town’s residents and businesses, as well as regional news and feature stories that have an impact on their lives.”

Proudfoot double downs on the bullshit with this statement:

“Harnessing technology and the Internet, our yorkregion.com website is an additional and alternate method to distribute content, giving our readers different choices.”

WTF does any of that mean?

Harnessing technology and the internet?

Additional and alternate method to distribute content?

Giving our readers different choices?

These are all meaningless fluff words that have done nothing to advance Metroland Central’s properties.

In fact, by not understanding how to harnessing technology and the internet, by not exploring additional and alternate method to distribute content Metroland Central has failed to give its readers different choices.

Instead it had to go grave robbing in hopes that the branding a historic and once properly run newspaper entity would somehow provide legitimacy to an otherwise failed shell of wrapping paper that serves to hold together advertising inserts for local big box stores.

The article claims that “The Era and The Banner became part of Metroland Printing, Publishing and Distributing, going on to garner an award-winning reputation as a community newspaper of excellence across North America.”

It’s a shame that the paper failed to garner the same reputation here in the community it supposedly serves.

When was the last time you heard someone say “you have to check out this piece in The Banner”?

Likely sometime before the 1990s.

There seems to be a significant gap between the unique value proposition that Metroland Central perceives they provide to the community of Aurora when they boldly claim “Our newspaper hasn’t strayed far from its original intent” and exactly how the community of Aurora engages “The Banner”, “The Era Banner”, or “The Aurora Banner”. Or whatever skeleton they’ve decided to cloth themselves in this decade.

There’s a reason the Town of Aurora’s notice board is run in The Auroran and not the mediochre and error plagued shell of a once trusted and beloved news source that Metroland has seen fit to desecrate Cromwell style.

I suspect trying to convince Mr. Proudfoot to take a long hard look at a property that is bereft of life would result into an exchange similar to this:


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