sometimes when we touch the price is honestly how much?

Aside from the musak pumping out of every doctor/dentist office where else in Aurora can you go to hear Dan Hill in 2015?

Why the Aurora Cutural epi-Centre of course.

You know the ground breaking, innovative and self-sustaining operation that always has something going on. The one where tourists flock from miles around, guided by the signs on the 400 series highways to bask in the awe of their programming, like their recent “Mystery Artist” which I commented on here:

In that recent Banner piece an advocate of the Centre was quoted as saying: “many things are free of charge, so everyone can participate” yet an upcoming music series of C and D list musicians isn’t one of these things.

Nope, to hear the sappy song styling of one-hit-wonder Dan Hill you are expected to fork over $25-$30.

That is above and beyond the $500,000/yr price the town funds the Centre through impacting the tax base by 3 points.


By comparison and through far superior programming by the town’s special events department in recent years Aurora has been treated to musical performances by both smaller acts at the music in the park series as well as the likes of Lighthouse, Glass Tiger, Platinum Blonde and Honeymoon Suite.

Price of admission : $0.

There is some discussion over on Evelyn Buck’s blog here:

The laughable selling points of the Cultural Centre is supposedly the “intimate setting” of Church Street School, oh and if that doesn’t sell you how about free parking.

You couldn’t pay me $30 to endure a live performance of Dan Hill, and it appears from the commentors weighing in on Buck’s blog I’m not alone, one wrote:

“I am not a great admirer of Mr Hill but you are incorrect about his list of numbers. Perhaps you should google him and check out the material ?”

Challenge accepted.

Dan Hill’s “list of numbers” is less than impressive.

He earned #2 on this list of the 50 worst Canadian songs ever:

In this Maclean’s piece from 4 years ago Hill goes as far as to suggest the song isn’t his and shovels it onto Barry Mann:

I don’t buy it, especially after reading this piece that deconstruct’s Hill’s claim that “we’re in a new golden age of pop music” back in another Maclean’s piece last year:

It certainly does appear that Hill is engaged in a pathetic attempt to seem relevant.

Which I suppose make him a perfect match for the Aurora “Void of Culture” Centre to hang its hat on.

I debated including a link to This Hour Has 22 Minutes sketch that destroyed Hill’s song but because I loathe the song so much I don’t want to inflict it on anyone else.

However if you have it stuck in your head I will leave you with some enhanced lyrics:

It’s verbal diahrrea
If you think those words are cruel
(I’d) rather have gonorrhea
Than to listen to this fool!

And then you think it’s over
You’re shouting out “Amen!”
But then your head it lowers
’cause it’s the chorus once again!

You can get the full parody lyrics here:


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