sad-vertising rates

Kevin Daum’s March 2014 piece explores five core elements of people truly worthy of the term marketer:

Daum starts by decimating mediocrity and getting to the point with the obvious statement “Lots of people identify themselves as marketers, but sadly many of them just shuffle paper and spread useless and ineffective social media. They spend other people’s money creating worthless brochures and websites that have no impact on customer relationships and ROI.”

This is an excellent summary of the marketing efforts, or lack-thereoff, from the Town of Aurora’s Sesquicentennial ad-hoc committee which among a massive marketing spend pissed away $4,250 just on Facebook ads. I commented on that briefly here:

$4,250 on Facebook ads just reaks of lazieness and is completely absent of 2 of the Town of Aurora’s strategic pillars: innovation and sustainability.

Mark Lerner, Director of Online Marketing at Oktopost explains “How to Get Others to Do Your Social Media Marketing for Free” :

Katherine Halek’s recent piece in AdWeek’s blog SocialTimes explains “Why you shouldn’t pay for social media”:

Halek recommends a more organic approach when using Facebook by “making your official page posts less about your product and more about your customers’ lives, posting the kind of content they receive well and hinting at your promotions here and there.”

Halek also suggests to check out your Facebook page’s analytics to determine if your organic strategy is working favorably.

If this was indeed measured, which I seriously doubt, it wasn’t reported out in an open and transparent fashion.

If it wasn’t measured the question should be why not?

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

And when you’re spending $38,525.30 of other people’s money you probably want to protect yourself against spreading useless and ineffective social media, on top of creating worthless brochures and websites that have no impact on customer relationships and ROI.

The sad thing is there is nothing to suggest otherwise.


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