Farmed and Dangerous?

The Aurora Armory is classified a Contaminated Site as listed on the Federal Contaminated Sites Inventory.

I mentioned that in a post from last October here:

Back in December I met with town staff, including the C.A.O. to be informed that neither staff nor council was aware of this fact prior to purchasing the property.

I continued to seek answers as to how such an oversight could have occurred only to be told that “it was not disclosed during the purchase process”.

Excuse me?

Our Federal Member of Parliment Lois Brown made a big photo-op out of the transfer:

Is the town suggesting the federal government wasn’t being open and transparent with regards to the site’s contamination when the whole thing was being negotiated?

Certainly re-contextualizes the C.A.O.’s claim that “The Government of Canada is really intent on getting value for every asset they own,”

This whole issue of disclosure is completely irrelevant as the details are available online through the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat here: and can be found using a simple Google search, as I did back in October.

So the Town of Aurora rushed to spend over 1/2 a $Million to buy a property containing contaminated media in both the soil and groundwater. Had there not been such a rush, and a proper assessment of the property been conducted the Town would have been in a far better position ti negotiate for a reduced amount, or acquired the property under a condition that remediation be completed prior to sale.

An Auroran article from September hinted that “Town Staff had an idea of what they want to use the building for.” and that it would be “rented out for community space for the time being.”

Which it was.

The Aurora Farmers Market (& Artisan fair) held an indoor market at the location on December 6th.

The town wasn’t in possession of Environmental Assessment data for the property before eagerly looking to book the site to this group.

Think about that.

An Ontario Farmers Market, an organization promoting health and selling food products operating out of an identified contaminated site.


We are told there is an additional $120,000 set aside for maintenance of The Armoury. I understand a portion of that is to deal with asbestos removal.

What amount of $ will be required to re-mediate this site?

What is the full cost of purchasing The Aurora Armoury, and in exchange what value has the town reaped?

Just like the mold growing at the AFLC exactly what does The Town of Aurora not know that it doesn’t know?

I am left with a significantly reduced lack of confidence in the Town’s ability to do due diligence in matters with respect to property acquisition and management. On top of that I have concerns with how the town chooses to act upon this knowledge including disclosure of it to the public.

And even after recognizing these costly liabilities there are some idiots occupying seats at town council that believe buying more real estate is somehow an investment.


Watts on your mind?

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