If there’s one thing that Heather Mallick has made a career of it’s pushing buttons.

Her preferred method seeming to be slamming her head into her keyboard and then pushing “send” on whatever managed to be captured to her editor masters.

But a couple days ago, after a nonsensical effort to defend a front page story on The Star bereft of any sense of journalism whatsoever, Mallick pushed the block button on twitter 100s of times in an attempt to distance herself from those who criticized her, and others that didn’t.

Unsurprisingly the Streisand Effect took hold and the hashtag #BlockedByMallick was born.

Jesse Brown talked to Joe Clark (International Agent) about “tipsy left wing aunt” Mallick twitter fuck-up on episode #12 of his Canadaland podcast here :

What got left out in the absurdity of it all was an arrogant Mallick (is there any other kind?) decreeing “twitter isn’t a place for debate”:


Why isn’t twitter a place for debate?

Because Mallick says so?

And exactly what authority is Mallick on twitter?

Perhaps she needs to consult with Clr. Gaertner on the subject.

Remember when Gaertner was quoted in The Auroran as saying: “we need to decide what can and cannot be allowed in the new social media.“ I commented on it here:

The decision that twitter is a place for debate was established shortly after twitter arrived on the scene back in 2006.

The 38th Vice President of the United States Hubert H. Humphrey once said: “Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debate.”

Twitter is a hotbed for all three.

If Mallick’s ultimate prize is to uphold freedom, as she eludes to in her writing, the problem lies not with her hammering. She needs to switch her anvil of outrage, ignorance and self righteousness up to Humphrey’s.

The verdict may be out whether Mallick is pro or anti-vax, but one thing is for certain.

She’s anti-social.

And when given the option she’ll always choose the “be a dick” button.


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